Android Cell SmartPhone

Android Cell SmartPhoneAndroid Cell SmartPhone

The Android phone has taken the world by storm. The Android TMobile just goes to show how far the Android cell technology has traveled. Tmobile Android cells’ with android video are a low cost solution for cell service while still getting all of the power of the Android operating system.

As an Android developer, I was excited when the new Honeycomb, Android SDK was released. The new android SDK has made Android development for android phones 2011 times easier than only two years ago.


Cell phones aren’t just for making phone calls anymore, they can control our televisions, keep us organized with reminders and they contain all of our entertainment, like music, television and games. Android phones have really taken the technology to a new level.

HTC Android

The HTC Android is one of the most powerful devices developed, but it has one drawback that is frustrating android developers; horrible battery life. Hopefully, in developing for the android, someone will discover the reason that the phone cannot hold a charge. Even shutting down all battery draining services and apps, the HTC Android has some serious problems with battery life, which is giving other cell phones a step up in the market.